Assisting you if you’re experiencing domestic or family violence

When faced with domestic or family violence, we want to help you. We understand that in such events having access to communications is critical and you can talk to us about how we can further assist you.

How we can help.

Transferring the account into your name.

If you’re experiencing, or have just left a domestic or family violence situation and you’d like to keep your mobile service but the account isn’t in your name, there may be instances where we can transfer the account to you.

Please give us a call on 1300 056 426. Our team may be able to assist by transferring your account into your name.

You may need to provide copies of these documents:

  • Relevant identification, such as a drivers license or Medicare card and
  • A Statutory Declaration witnessed by an authorised person that you are, or have been the subject of domestic or family violence; and
  • In some cases we may also require you to support your request by supplying an AVO/police report/court order/ or a letter from women’s shelter and

Our team will then aim to verify these documents and see how we can assist.


Where can I get further help?

If you’d like further assistance, White Ribbon can help you.

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