Video calling on your phone

Keep in touch through video

Video calls are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, connect with business colleagues, and send live feeds to those who can't be there when it counts.

There are two types of video calls you can make - ones that use our network's 3G/4G video calling system and ones that use an app to make the call over the internet. They're charged in different ways so it's handy to know what type of video call you're making so you don't overspend.


Network video calls

These calls make use of our network's video telephony system and are carried on the 3G or 4G network, depending on your handset's capability. Here's what you need to know:

  • Calls you make are charged as video calls and you'll see them categorised this way in your usage details or on your bill. You'll need a Premier Access Bolt-On with available credit to make these calls. See the Premier Access Bolt-On Critical Information Summary for video call rates
  • For it to work, both you and the person you're calling need to have phones that support network video calls. Video calling also needs to be supported by their provider
  • You can only video call other mobile numbers - you can't use it to video call someone on another device like a computer or tablet
  • Generally you select the option to make a video call through the phone app and it handles the call for you (ie. it's not passed on to another app like FaceTime or Skype to make the call)


Video calling through apps

Some smartphones (such as iPhone) aren't compatible with network 3G/4G video calls but have apps either preinstalled or available for download that offer video calling over the internet. Here's how they work:

  • When you make or receive a video call, you're charged for the volume of data the app uses during that call. As it's all done over the internet, you won't see a specific charge for making a video call in your call records
  • On most devices they'll work whether you're connected to the internet on the mobile network or through Wi-Fi
  • Both you and the person you're calling need to have the same app installed on your phones Eg. for a Skype call you both need the Skype app, for a Facetime call you both need iPhones that have Facetime
  • These apps are often cross-compatible with other devices. Eg. you can use the Skype app on your phone to video call someone who's got Skype on their tablet or computer


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