How can I access or setup Voicemail?

Setting up your Voicemail for the first time is simple, you can get started by following the steps below:

  1. Dial '121' from your Kogan Mobile handset.
  2. You'll be asked to select a Voicemail security code of 4-10 digits. This code will be required when you're checking your messages from another phone.
    This security code can't include:
    • Sequential numbers (e.g. 12345)
    • Repeated numbers (e.g. 11111)
  3. Record your name to personalise the standard greeting.
  4. Set your time zone by selecting your state.
  5. That's all you need to do to set up the basics, but you can stay on the line to customise your Voicemail even further:
    • Personalise your Voicemail greeting
    • Change your notification method
    • Switch your security code prompt on/off
  6. You can dial '121' again to change your Voicemail settings at any time in the future.

Voicemail notifications and Visual Voicemail

  • By default, we'll let you know when you have a new message by sending you an SMS. You can enable text alerts by dialing 1218.
  • Using an iPhone? You can switch on Visual Voicemail to manage your Voicemail directly from your iPhone.

Some important Voicemail information

  • If a message is left before you've activated your Voicemail, you'll be taken through the set-up process when you first call '121' to retrieve it.
  • The initial Voicemail setup can only be done by calling '121' directly from your mobile. Once set up, you can also dial '0414 121 121' from another phone to access Voicemail and change your settings.
  • You'll always be prompted to enter your Voicemail security code when calling '0414 121 121'. If you want, you can also choose to be prompted to enter it when calling '121' from your mobile.
  • If your calls aren't diverting to Voicemail, call '1211' to reset your diversions. This will set up diversions to Voicemail when your phone isn't answered after 15 seconds, switched off, out of coverage, or engaged.
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