What happened with Kogan Mobile last time, and what is different this time?

As you may know, Kogan Mobile previously operated on the Telstra 3G network through an intermediary distributor. When Telstra stopped supplying this distributor, services to Kogan Mobile were terminated, which meant that Kogan Mobile customers needed to find alternate services.

This time, Kogan Mobile has cut out the middlemen in a direct deal with Vodafone, which means we can pass on savings to customers.

Why did Kogan Mobile choose Vodafone over Telstra?
This time, we have a network ally who is really supporting us, isn't scared of competitive pricing and has an interest in seeing Kogan Mobile succeed in the market.

Is there a chance Kogan Mobile will fall over again?
We learnt an important lesson from our previous experience; go direct, and that’s exactly what we’ve done here. We are working directly with Vodafone. We believe our long-term agreement is a win-win for both companies, and more importantly, for Australian consumers, who will enjoy low prices for mobile services today and in the future.

Can't you get better deals by signing up to a two-year plan with a postpaid bundle from another telco?
We encourage everybody to survey the market - we're quietly confident that you'll come back to Kogan Mobile once you do.

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