All my calls are going to Voicemail, how do I fix this?

There may be a variety of reasons why calls are automatically diverting to your Voicemail service:

Coverage: if you are outside of a coverage area and no reception bars are being shown, all calls will be diverted to Voicemail.

Using an iPhone?: ensure that your iPhone is not in 'Do Not Disturb' mode.
To check this, refer to the top bar of your iPhone, a crescent moon will appear if this setting is activated.

For more information on Do Not Disturb mode, please visit the Apple Help Centre.

If you're in coverage and your phone is not in Do Not Disturb Mode, please follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Dial '1213' from your phone to remove all call diversions to Voicemail.
  2. Check whether your Voicemail is now functioning correctly.

    If your calls are not going to Voicemail at all, dial '1211' to set up Voicemail when your phone is switched off, unreachable or engaged.

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