I have received my SIM card but did not receive a Voucher code?

Your Kogan Mobile voucher code will be sent directly to you via email.

It is also accessible from the order history in your Kogan.com account dashboard.

This article will explain both options.

1: Your Kogan Mobile Voucher is emailed to you

You should generally receive your voucher in your email inbox within 24 hours, often sooner.

You'll receive an email with the subject line "Your Kogan Mobile voucher" that looks like this:


If you've searched "Your Kogan Mobile voucher" in your email and you still can't find it, please make sure to check your spam folder.

If you've checked your email and your spam folder, and still can't find it, then please check your order history (see instructions below).

2: Your Kogan Mobile voucher is accessible in your Order History


Your voucher code is also displayed in the Order History section of your Account Dashboard

Here is what it looks like:



If you still cannot access your voucher code using either of the above methods, please contact Kogan.com via your Kogan.com account dashboard.

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